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  Capital of the dynasty of Idrissides, is oldest of the Impériales cities, centers intellectual radiation and prestigious city of Islam.

  Located in the plain of Saiss halfway between the north and the south of the Country.

  Fès, they is 3 into 1, the 'one built by protectorate known under the name of Fès the young person (New City), Fès el Jadid built by the mérinides and finally Fès el bali, this one oldest of the medieval cities of the Muslim world, is built in 809 pennies the queen of Idriss II.

  Fès city of the letters, theologists, Craftsmen and Artists, it sheltered the first of the large Universities, before Paris and Oxford.


  Known under the name of Pearl of the South or South Carries and of red City or ochre City, is a city of Morocco to the foot of the mountains of l' Atlas.


  The city is a tourist high-place, more than two million tourists each year. It is also the starting point of many excursions for the hikers eager to traverse l' Atlas or the desert more in the south.

  Monuments and tourist sites: Place Jamâa El Fna, Palais El Badi, Jardins of Ménara, Jardins of l' Agdal, Qoubba Almoravide, Gardens of l' Agdal, the Saadiens Tombs, Majorelle Garden, Palate of Bahia, souks of Marrakech…
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