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  On customer request, Colombe Cars make available various services
G P S :

In order to avoid unnecessary  to ask for directions or the route leading to such place and such a destination, with attention to make you enjoy every minute of your stay, COLOMBE CARS offers GPS at reasonable prices which will in no circumstances suffer your budget, in comparison with the precious time that you will win.

Baby Seats :

Some baby seats in the concern not to deprive you easily and enjoy the landscape of our beautiful country during your travel between cities, but you are all concerned about your baby, Columbia Cars offers a baby seat during the rental period Vehicle.

Maps :

Maps of cities or regions you'll visit during your stay in Morocco.

Cell Phone  :

Vou do not need to use your phone at your request, you will benefit Dove coaches a chip with a telephone number of an evolving telecommunications operations in Morocco.

Refuel  :

The full fuel delivery vehicle………….
Colombe cars is there to serve you, please let us know your needs and suggestions, and it is a pleasure for us to realize.


Capital and imperial city of Morocco, founded in the tenth century and is a serene capital since 1912 of the Alawite dynasty.
Through its privileged position on the Atlantic and the Mouth of the River Bouregreg Rabat has an exceptional climate.

Through its gardens, squares and spaces flower, the prestigious Royal Golf Dar Es Salam, one of the most beautiful courses in the world, its Mechouar (Esplanade du Palais Royal), Rabat make a green city par excellence, its old medina and permanent monuments attract many  .

Rabat Administrative City in the Kingdom, or serve the majority of governments and governmental public diplomatic missions, which makes it a business center, with an accommodation capacity of all the luxury international hotel chains are represented.

Rabat, cited double interest, bringing together modernity and tradition.


La Kasbah des Oudaïa :

Ribat overlooking the mouth of the river Bouregreg where the museum Oudayas: ribat originally designed became the shelter of the National Museum of Jewelry.

La tour Hassan :

Ruins of the mosque built by Yaqub al-Mansur, destroyed during the earthquake of Lisbon in 1755 and the mausoleum of Mohammed V: where is the late King Mohammed V and two son, the late King Hassan II and his younger brother Moulay Abdellah.

La nécropole de Chella :

Built in 1339, was an old settlement Chella Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman.

Avenue Mohammed V:
The section's monumental Avenue Mohammed V and the Sunna Mosque.

The Cathedral of St. Pete :

Located Place du Golan, this building, always assigned to the Catholic faith, has been fully completed in 1930.

Dâr-al-Mahkzen :

the royal palace and the seat of government where working and living more than 2000 people. Access to the palace by a vast esplanade, the "Méchouar".

Bab ar-Rouah .

Bab Rouah, the most famous monumental gates Rabat means, according to some "door of winds", according to other "back door"".

La médina :

Built in the seventeenth century to accommodate refugees from Andalusia, it is now known by the Jewish quarter (old Jewish quarter), its covered souk es Sebat '`'9 anasél, and all other sorts of diverse shops.

  Park Ibn Sina :

Commonly known as' park Hilton "because of its proximity to the hotel of the same name, the park is the green lung of the town with plantations of pine and eucalyptus.

Palace Golf and Dar es Salaam :

Golf 45 holes each year hosts the prestigious International Golf Hassan II.

Archaeological museum .

Founded in 1920, the Archaeological Museum of Rabat is the place of places to visit, place or are exposed to various archaeological discoveries made during the search operations on various historic sites including Morocco, Volubilis, Thamusda, Luxus, Atlas Mogador ... ... etc .... This allows visitors to trace the history of Morocco since the prehistoric times to the Islamic Period.


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